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Guided walking tours of Perth focused less on the history and more on what is happening right now including art, culture, nightlife, new developments and the revitalisation of heritage precincts.

International Students

orientation tours for international students

do you have international students studying at your educational institution? offer them the best introduction to perth by including a walking tour in your orientation program!

Oh Hey WA offer exclusive guided tours to welcome students to perth and give them a greater understanding of the city


your students will walk away from an oh hey wa tour with:

  • knowledge of the history, art, culture and nightlife of Perth

  • a feeling of safety and comfort when walking around the city

  • an understanding of Perth's public transport system including how to obtain and use Smartriders

  • recommendations of places to visit for coffee, food and drinks

oh hey wa can accomodate large group sizes of up to 50 students at a time, and offer discounted group rates. the tours are fully customisable to meet you needs.

we'd love to chat to you about getting your students on a tour with oh hey wa.
please contact adie on 0408995965 or adie@ohheywa.com.au